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Introducing the ASSISI STYLE Cork Vegan Wallet in black. This wallet is vegan friendly and crafted from cork, making it strong and durable whilst still being very lightweight. With its stylish and modern design, it is ideally sized, with a large capacity for cards, paper money and coins, as well as ingenious space for small accessories such as a SIM card, suitcase key or memory card. The RFID wallet also has a blocking lining to help protect against card crime.

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Artisan-crafted to deliver exceptional quality and an unmatched aesthetic, this vegan wallet is presented in an appealing gift box, making it an ideal vegan gift for men. Whether you seek a chic and eco-friendly black vegan wallet for everyday use or are in search of distinctive gift ideas for him, the ASSISI STYLE Cork Vegan wallet stands out as the perfect option.

Q) Are cork wallets durable?

A) The cork faux leather wallet boasts water resistance, resilience, and high elasticity, ensuring it can endure daily wear without easily breaking or cracking. Furthermore, cork wallets resist scratches and stains and remain unaffected by sunlight or temperature changes, ensuring their suitability for prolonged use.

Q) What are the advantages of using a cork wallet instead of leather?

Sustainability: Cork, harvested from the bark of cork oak trees without harm, is a sustainable material. In contrast, leather production, reliant on animal hides, carries a significant environmental impact.

Durability: As previously mentioned, this mens cork wallet is crafted from remarkably durable material, resilient against wear and tear, scratches, stains, and moisture—making it a pragmatic choice for daily use.

Lightweight: Unlike leather, cork is considerably lighter, enhancing comfort during prolonged use. This characteristic makes cork wallets an excellent option for both travel and everyday use.

Hypoallergenic: Cork’s hypoallergenic nature ensures it won’t trigger allergic reactions or skin irritations, making it suitable for individuals with sensitive skin.

Unique Texture: Cork’s distinctive texture and appearance distinguish it from leather, resulting in stylish and fashionable cork vegan wallets that serve as ideal gifts for men.

PERFECT VEGAN GIFTS – The Mens vegan Wallet is elegantly presented in a captivating gift box, making it the perfect vegan gift for men and a thoughtful choice for ethically minded individuals seeking vegan presents.

VERSATILE AND STYLISH – With an optimal size and ample capacity, these vegan wallets for men, available in classic black or brown, seamlessly complement formal or casual wear, ensuring versatility and style.

ECO-FRIENDLY – Crafted from carbon-negative cork from FSC certified sources, the cork faux leather wallet embodies eco-consciousness. The 100% paper packaging facilitates easy recycling.

SUPER STRONG AND EASY CLEAN – These high-quality thick cork wallets for men, both lightweight and durable, can be effortlessly cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth or mild detergent if necessary.

UNIQUE, HANDMADE, AND CRUELTY-FREE – Boasting an appealing natural appearance and a soft texture, this stylish vegan wallet for men is a unique, handmade, and cruelty-free accessory.

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Weight 130 g
Dimensions 12 × 18 × 2.5 cm

3 reviews for Mens Cork Wallet – Mens RFID Wallet – Black Vegan Wallet

  1. Tom

    Really pleased with my new wallet. Well designed and great build quality. Nice range of compartments and pockets, ideal size. Would make an ideal birthday, Christmas or Father’s Day present.

  2. Erin

    My husbands wallet broke and I stumbled across this one. Well, firstly the packaging is stunning for the price and my husband was delighted with it. Loads of room for cards, notes and change. It has been his go to for the last couple of weeks and he’s delighted with it and he can be VERY picky!

  3. Damian

    Lovely wallet with plenty of card holders and cleverly thought out design

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