Vegan Cork Belt for Men – Black

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Introducing the ASSISI STYLE Vegan Belt in Black, the perfect mens vegan belt. This cork belt is vegan friendly and crafted from carbon-negative Portuguese cork, making it strong and durable whilst still being lightweight and comfortable.

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Stunning quality hand-crafted Portuguese cork belt

Featuring a classic yet contemporary design, the ASSISI STYLE Cork Belt for Men, sized ideally at 38mm, complements both formal and casual attire. Meticulously crafted for superior quality and a distinctive aesthetic, these belts are presented in an appealing gift box, making them the perfect vegan gift for men seeking style and sustainability in a brown vegan leather belt for everyday wear.

Q) Are cork belts durable?

A) Cork belts exhibit water-resistant, resilient, and highly elastic properties, ensuring they endure wear and tear without easily breaking or cracking. Moreover, cork leather belts resist scratches and stains and remain unaffected by sunlight or temperature changes, ensuring their suitability for prolonged use.

Q) Which size do I need?

A) Choose the size corresponding to your regular trousers or jeans waist size. In case of uncertainty, opt for the next size up, as the cork faux leather belt can be easily trimmed to the desired size if necessary.

Q) What are the advantages of using a cork belt instead of leather?

Sustainability: Cork, sourced from the bark of cork oak trees without harming them, is a sustainable material. In contrast, leather production relies on animal hides, contributing to significant environmental impact.

Durability: Cork, known for its durability, withstands wear and tear, scratches, stains, and moisture, making this vegan belt a practical choice for everyday use.

Lightweight: Cork is significantly lighter than leather, enhancing comfort for extended wear, making it an excellent option for travel or outdoor activities.

Cork’s hypoallergenic nature ensures it does not cause allergic reactions or skin irritations, catering to individuals with sensitive skin.

Unique Texture:
Cork’s distinctive texture and appearance set it apart from leather, adding a stylish and fashionable element to cork belts. This uniqueness makes them an ideal vegan gift, contributing a distinctive touch to any ensemble.

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 15.5 × 18 × 8 cm

4 reviews for Vegan Cork Belt for Men – Black

  1. Mr R Hill

    Bought it on Friday, delivered Saturday. Super fast delivery, well packaged with the buckle protected.
    Looks and feels like leather while remaining vegan friendly.
    Good gift for pretty much anyone.
    I may buy a few in different colours for Christmas gifts.

  2. Aud

    Bought this vegan belt for the hubby. Excellent fit and great quality. Beautifully gift boxed. animal-free and cruelty-free. Very pleased.

  3. Tom

    Great quality belt, arriving the next day and in a very nicely designed presentation box. Bought this for myself but would make a great gift. Eco-friendly too! 🌱

  4. Erin

    I bought this belt a while ago for my husband and I must say it’s the only belt he will use now. I love the presentation of the box when it arrived and it has been used every day since I’ve given it to the husband!

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