You can find out more about me, Greg, and my business Assisi Style by checking out these excellent podcasts. Give them a subscribe and a review too – they’re awesome!

Assisi Style owner Greg on drums

How I Vegan Podcast – Interested in vegans and veganism but not sure how to go about it? We speak to other vegans about their experiences to find out a bit about them and their philosophy.

Vedge Your Best – There has never been a more important time to be Vegan. Vedge Your Best is the only podcast aimed at teaching midlife women how to limit and eliminate the consumption of animal products without feeling deprived, overwhelmed or unsupported, even if no one you know is Vegan.

Vedge Your Best Episode 187 – Uncorking the potential of vegan sustainable accessories with Greg

How I Vegan Episode 7 below features Assisi Style owner Greg talking about music, vegan runners and his vegan inspiration:

How I Vegan Episode 49 contained a special feature on Assisi Style which had been set up since Greg’s last appearance on the show. Interview begins at around 8 mins: