Our cork belts can be shortened if required, using just a screwdriver and a sharp knife or scissors. Please take care when using sharp implements.

Cork belt with screwdriver

Step 1: Using a flat head screwdriver, remove the screw and rivet it screws into which holds the buckle in place

cork belt with buckle removed

Step 2: Remove the buckle and loop, noting exactly how it fits back together

Cork belt and scissors

Step 3: Cut the belt to size – it is strongly recommended that you try one inch at a time until you find the perfect fit – you can always cut more, but you can never cut less!

Black cork leather belt

Step 4: Reassemble the belt and you will see where you need to make a small hole in order to push the screw through. You can do this ideally using a leather hole punch if you have one. These can be purchased cheaply on Amazon or elsewhere.

Cork belt and screwdriver

Step 5: Finally reassemble the belt fully, push the bottom rivet and fixing screw through the new hole and tighten.